How to Remove a Leading Zero With PHP?

Answer The PHP language has a substr function that allows you to remove characters from a string, which means you can use the function to remove a leading zero in user input. Removing a leading zero helps... Read More »

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How to Remove a Zero From a Decimal in PHP?

It is helpful to remove trailing zeros from a number in PHP when you want to display decimal numbers on your Web page formatted like 2.5 instead of 2.50 or like .35 instead of 0.35. This can save s... Read More »

What do you with a surging pump with a Jandy valve leading to it if a screw was loose in the clear cover but tightening it did not make help?

Most likely you have a lid gasket that is not seated correctly. Or if the pump has run dry for a short period you may have loose fittings into and out of the pump. A third possibility is a bad pump... Read More »

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