How to Remove a Jeep Cherokee Battery?

Answer No matter what condition your Jeep Cherokee is in, you will not be able to get very far with a dead battery. In order to install a new one, you first have to know how to remove the old one. All you... Read More »

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How Do I Remove a Battery From a 2000 Jeep Cherokee?

The battery in a 2000 Jeep Cherokee is located inside the engine compartment, between the cooling fan and the coolant reservoir. It is a top-post style battery, containing one negative terminal and... Read More »

How to Replace Battery Cables in a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Battery cables bring power to all your vehicle's electrical components. If the cables are damaged, then the current from your battery to these components may be interrupted causing a loss of power ... Read More »

How to Install a Battery in a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?

Think of the battery of your vehicle as a bucket, and electricity as water. The alternator of your car pours water in the bucket, and the bucket stores the water until it's needed, such as when you... Read More »

The Battery in My 1992 Jeep Cherokee Won't Stay Charged?

There are several reasons that the battery on your 1992 Jeep Cherokee may not be staying charged. Any one of a number of problems with your vehicle's charging system can cause your battery to stop ... Read More »