How to Remove a Headrest From a 2003 Yukon?

Answer The head rest on a 2003 Yukon is designed to keep your head in one place during a big accident, and without them, you could get whiplash. They're also an excellent place to install an aftermarket h... Read More »

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How to Remove a 2003 Impala Headrest?

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How to Remove the Headrest From Captain's Chairs on a 2003 Ford F250?

While many consider the F250 as nothing more than a work truck, the fact is that Ford has angled the F-Series of trucks toward comfort since the early 1990s. The 2003 Ford F250 offered buyers a var... Read More »

How Do I Remove the Head Rest in a 2003 Yukon?

Removing the headrests in your 2003 Yukon for cleaning or to replace them is quite simple, but they should never be removed permanently, as they are part of the passenger-restraint system. The head... Read More »

How to Do a Tune-Up on a 2003 Yukon SUV?

The GMC division of General Motors introduced a two- and four-door line of sport utility vehicles to consumers in 1992. Prior to this lineup change, the GMC Jimmy was the large truck that shared si... Read More »