How to Remove a Hailstone Dent?

Answer Hailstone dents are an annoying cosmetic issue for the person who likes to keep his vehicles in excellent shape. Dents can be removed at home if they are minor. Large or deep dents might require a ... Read More »

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Hailstone Dent Removal Techniques?

Hailstorms can appear with no warning, denting the hood, roof and trunk of your car. Hailstones leave small but multiple dents that can cause hundreds of dollars in repair at your local body shop. ... Read More »

How do I Fix or Remove a Car Dent?

Unsightly dings and dents lower the value of your car. These blemishes can come from anything, such as a small fender bender or another vehicle's door banging into yours. Paying a professional body... Read More »

How to Remove a Dent in the Oil Pan?

The oil pan on most vehicles is located directly under and slightly behind the motor. The oil pan is close to the ground with nothing protecting it from the open road. If you run over something blu... Read More »

How to Remove a Big Dent?

Large dents can be removed using several methods. However, if the dent has a crease in the center or around the rim, the job is tougher. Large creases make a case for replacing the panel as opposed... Read More »