How to Remove a Glass Stuck Inside Another Glass (Vaseline Method)?

Answer Sometimes, especially if glasses have been stacked for too long, it can be near impossible to get them unstuck. If you've found two glasses refusing to budge, follow these steps.

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How to Remove a Plate Stuck Inside a Glass Bowl?

Having a plate become stuck inside a glass bowl can be frustrating because pulling at it is unlikely to make a difference. Here is a simple solution for separating the two objects without breaking ... Read More »

How do I remove photographs that are stuck on the glass inside a picture frame?

Older PhotosTake older black and white photos to a photo lab. There, they may be able to use a wetting agent that will separate the image from the glass. They will then carefully dry the image, and... Read More »

How to Remove a Stuck Glass Decanter Stopper?

Stoppers that have sat in glass decanters can become firmly wedged in over time. Here is a simple method for getting it out without breaking anything.

How do you remove a photograph stuck to glass that had gotten wet and dried?

Answer soak it with hairspray usally that will take it off.