How to Remove a Front Stoop?

Answer Front stoops, otherwise known as front stairs or porches, grace the fronts of many homes. They are gathering places for families and neighbors on warm nights and for children at play. Constant expo... Read More »

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How to Install a Front Concrete Stoop?

Making a front concrete stoop requires no specialized skills. Anyone who can lift heavy blocks should be able to assemble her own stoop. However, this project requires working in stages; it cannot ... Read More »

How to Replace an Ugly Front Concrete Stoop?

The stoop often provides the first impression visitors get when approaching your home. Older homes may feature a couple of plain, concrete stairs, which may even be chipped or cracked. Giving the s... Read More »

How do I Make a Patio Stoop?

A patio stoop is a small entryway area leading to the patio. A stoop is a good place to put a welcome mat so that guests can wipe their feet clean of dirt before entering the home. Patio stoops als... Read More »

How to Remove a Front Wheel Hub on a Front Wheel Drive?

Manufacturers have come a long way in terms of providing at-home mechanics with a way of repairing front-wheel-drive wheel bearings. Today's front-wheel-drive cars, and many rear-wheel-drive cars a... Read More »