How to Remove a Ford Model A Engine?

Answer Removing a Ford Model A engine requires preplanning and attention to detail. Some assemblies have small washers and nuts that need to be kept together. As you detach and remove items, tag and/or ba... Read More »

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How to Remove a Gas Tank From 1930 Model A Ford?

There are a couple of good reasons for removing a Ford Model A gas tank. First, of course, is to replace the original 16-gauge metal one if it is badly rusted and beyond repair. Secondly, gas tank ... Read More »

How to Remove the Engine on a 2000 Ford 6.0?

Engine removal is never an easy task. Even when the operation is straightforward, there's always a hitch somewhere along the line. Removing the engine from a 2000 Ford fitted with a 6.0 V-8 Power... Read More »

How to Remove the Engine in a Ford Windstar?

Removing the engine from a Ford Windstar is not a simple task. The engine block is extremely heavy, and is connected to numerous other components and systems within the vehicle. The removal process... Read More »

How to Remove the Heads on a 390 Ford Engine?

Ford fitted its 390-cubic-inch V-8 engine with a pair of one-piece cylinder heads. The heads contain the valves, the valve springs, the rocker arm assembly and the valve seats. They also serve as a... Read More »