How to Remove a Ford Focus Rear Bumper?

Answer The Ford Focus is popular with the tuner crowd and is often customized with aftermarket parts and body kits. The rear bumper must be removed in order to install the rear bumper of a body kit. The r... Read More »

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How to Remove the Rear Bumper on a Ford?

The rear bumper on any vehicle tends to take a lot of abuse, mostly because it's the first thing to get hit when you're rear-ended or in a parking lot and can't see behind you. Fortunately, removin... Read More »

How to Remove the Rear Bumper on a Ford Aerostar?

The Ford Aerostar is a minivan with a plastic rear bumper. On most Aerostars, the rear bumper is gray and arrives unpainted from the factory. The bumper is very straight with the only rounded areas... Read More »

How to Remove Rear Drums on a Ford Focus?

Rear brake drums on your Ford Focus are part of what is called the "hub assembly." With a few easy steps, similar to those in changing a tire, you can remove your wheel hubs with no problem and be ... Read More »

How Do I Remove a 1994 Ford Mustang Rear Bumper Cover?

Removing the bumper cover on a 1994 Ford Mustang can be done by removing the applicable fasteners throughout the vehicle. The bumper cover may need to be removed for painting or dent repair or to g... Read More »