How to Remove a Ford F-150 Water Pump?

Answer The Ford F150 has several different engine types, but the procedure for replacing the water pump is largely the same. The primary difference involves moving the air conditioner lines to get to the ... Read More »

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How to Remove a Water Pump on a Ford F-250 7.3?

The 7.3-liter diesel V-8 engine in your Ford F-250 utilizes a heavy-duty water pump to circulate antifreeze through the radiator and coolant passages of your engine to keep it running cool. If your... Read More »

How to Remove a Water Pump From a 94 Ford F150?

The 1994 Ford F-150 is equipped with a mechanical belt-driven water pump. The pump operates not only to pump antifreeze through the engine, but also to push the antifreeze from the engine into the ... Read More »

How do I remove the water pump on a Ford Ranger?

PreparePrepare by gathering materials, such as a crescent wrench, socket set, socket wrench and pry bar. Wear mechanic's overalls or old clothes.Remove the Water PumpLift the hood of the Ford Range... Read More »

How to Remove a Water Pump From a 4.9 Ford Engine?

The Ford 4.9 engine is a strong, dependable engine that can provide hundreds of thousands of miles of use if maintained correctly. Part of that correct maintenance is keeping the cooling system in ... Read More »