How to Remove a Fishbone Stuck in the Throat?

Answer Accidentally swallowing a fishbone is one drawback to eating freshwater and a few salt water fish. Since fresh water has less buoyancy than saltwater, freshwater fish such as perch and trout do not... Read More »

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Fishbone stuck in throat?

I agree a big old hunk of dry bread will do the trick. If your breathing isn't affected, don't worry. It will fix itself eventually. But it's so irritating in the meantime.

How do you remove a pill that gets stuck in your throat?

Eat peanut butter. It will make the pill go down instantly. Sit up (don't lie down or recline) and drink plenty of fluids, especially water. Warm liquids may help to dissolve a pill a little faster... Read More »

How do you remove an iPhone which has become stuck in one's throat URGENT?

How do I get rid of a bone stuck in my throat?

You're right, it could be a scratch from the bone having gone down. As long as your breathing isn't compromised and you're not in pain. You can try another thing in case there is still a tiny slive... Read More »