How to Remove a Fiero Fuel Pump?

Answer The fuel pump in a Pontiac Fiero is located inside of the gas tank. The fuel pump directs fuel directly from the tank then down the fuel lines to the engine. If the fuel pump goes out, the engine w... Read More »

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How to Replace the Fuel Pump in a Fiero?

Imagine that you have just finished filling the gas tank of your bright red Fiero and a few minutes after leaving the station your car sputters and shuts off as if it were out of gas. You hop out a... Read More »

How to Remove Pressure From the Fuel System for Replacing the Fuel Pump?

The fuel system pressurizes fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. Fuel-injection systems meter the fuel injected for the cylinders by controlling the length of time the injectors are open. To inje... Read More »

How to Remove Fuel Lines From a Fuel Pump?

The fuel pump on a vehicle is what pulls gasoline from the fuel tank and sends it off to the engine. Occasionally, the fuel pump might stop working, which necessitates replacing the pump to get the... Read More »

How to Remove a BMW 528i Fuel Pump E39?

Fuel pumps are small, electrically-powered motors that move a steady amount of fuel between your vehicle's tank and its fuel injectors. The fuel pump in BMW 528i vehicles is specifically prone to a... Read More »