How to Remove a Feature Box in Thesis?

Answer The feature box in Thesis is a large box for content. Thesis is a template system for WordPress that helps you build your Web site. Designed with multiple uses in mind, the feature box is often use... Read More »

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How do I remove the Zoom-Mute feature?

buy a camera that has a silent servo on the zoom lens like is standard on Camcorders. since still photographers don't mind lens noises, you get cheaper zoom mechanisms on digital type cameras.

How to Remove the "Twinkle" Feature from Christmas Lights?

Some sets of Christmas lights have an optional feature that makes them blink on and off. It is quite easy to change these lights back to their normal steady-on state.

How to Remove Twitter's Recommended to Follow Feature?

If you're fond of the new "Recommended to Follow Feature" on Twitter, this article won't interest you. But for those who are tired of seeing the introduction of new features without an off button t... Read More »

How do I remove the auto logoff feature in Windows XP?

Open the Registry EditorStart your computer in Safe mode, which will let you load and edit computer settings without being automatically logged off, by tapping the “F8” key as your machine boot... Read More »