How to Remove a Fan on a Ford Pickup?

Answer In order to replace or upgrade the cooling fan system in your Ford pickup, you will need to remove the existing fan. The Ford pickup cooling fan is mounted to the engine with a clutch plate in the ... Read More »

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How to Remove the Pickup Bed From a Ford F-350?

The F-350 is the largest commercial-grade pickup in the Ford truck lineup, and it's designed to carry heavy loads both in the bed and behind it on a trailer. Not everyone is a fan of a traditional ... Read More »

How to Remove a Ford Pickup Tailgate?

Removing the tailgate on a Ford pickup can be done relatively quickly. If you want to replace it, install a net, or just need some extra cargo space, almost anyone can remove the tailgate.

How to Remove the Dash From a 1997 Ford Pickup?

Removing the dash from a 1997 Ford truck is a necessary procedure if you wish to install replacement dash lights on the instrument panel or even place a new radio into the truck. It is a long proce... Read More »

How to Remove the Fuel Filter From a Ford Ranger Pickup?

The fuel filter on your Ford Ranger pickup truck helps to clean the fuel before it enters the engine. Temperature fluctuations can cause condensation or moisture to form on the inside of the tank, ... Read More »