How to Remove a Fan From a Sony PCG K37 Laptop?

Answer Removing your laptop's cooling fan is essential to troubleshooting and repairing heating issues with your computer. Your Sony VAIO laptop's cooling fan sits directly on top of the processor. Its pr... Read More »

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How to Remove the Keyboard From a Sony Laptop VGN-A600?

Most laptop keyboards are built to withstand extensive wear and tear. Occasionally, as with any hardware device, they do break. Most of the time you can fix a keyboard by replacing a few malfunctio... Read More »

How to Remove a Keyboard From a Sony FZ Series Laptop?

The keyboard on any laptop computer, such as a Sony FZ-series laptop, is constantly in use when the owner is working on the computer. This frequent physical contact causes keyboards to be prone to ... Read More »

How to Remove the User Password on a Sony Laptop?

Sony laptops use the Windows operating system. With that system, multiple users can use the same computer by creating different user passwords. When you want to remove the password for a user on th... Read More »

Can you use a Sony laptop recovery disc on a Toshiba laptop?

You cannot use a Sony laptop recovery disc on a Toshiba laptop. Recovery discs are designed to look for markers within the computer (usually located within the BIOS) to identify whether the compute... Read More »