How to Remove a Fake Tan Fast?

Answer Picture this scenario: you have a pool party to attend tomorrow, and you're as pale as a ghost. You reach for your favorite self-tanner, sure that you'll be bronzed and beautiful in no time. But ju... Read More »

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How to fake burp fast!!!!!!!?

make a weird sound with your throat. go urrrrp. but with your voice like ahh but urrr lol if its fake. but if its like fake but real drink coke or s[rite or like I do I take my mouth and put the fr... Read More »

How to fake sick fast!!! Today!!!?

Hold your tummy and run to the bathroom, Put your finger down your throat until you throw up, make sure they hear it.

How do I Remove a Fake Tan?

Sunless or "fake" tans are the healthier alternative to sitting out in the sun or under UV light unprotected. However, fake tanning colors may be too orange, unnatural or blotchy. Rest assured, the... Read More »

How to Remove a Fake Spray On Tan?

You don't have to live with a bad spray tan. Here's how to remove your spray tan painlessly, naturally, cheaply. Does this Spark an idea?