How to Remove a Drive Shaft From a 90 Dodge Dakota?

Answer The 1990 Dodge Dakota is a rear-wheel drive truck, meaning that is uses a drive shaft to direct the power produced by the engine to a differential, which then carries that energy to the rear wheels... Read More »

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How to Remove the Drive Shaft From a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500?

Removing the driveshaft is a moderately easy procedure, but can be messy if you forget to put the drain pan under the transmission. It is common to remove the driveshaft for towing purposes, though... Read More »

How to Remove the Drive Axle Shaft in a Dodge Caravan?

The Dodge Caravan uses a pair of drive axles (also called axle shafts or half shafts) that turn the front wheels with the transmission. These axles have joints and bearings on them, and if these we... Read More »

Steering Shaft Removal on a 1988 Dodge Dakota?

The steering shaft on your 1988 Dodge Dakota is the column supporting the steering wheel. The steering shaft also houses the turn signal switch and the wiper switch. In order to remove the Dakota's... Read More »

How to Tow a Four-Wheel Drive Dodge Dakota?

The Dodge Dakota 4x4 pickup truck is a mid-sized truck that comes in four- and two-wheel drive models. Due to the smaller size of a Dakota, many RV operators like to take one along as the "tow-vehi... Read More »