How to Remove a Double Chin?

Answer Double chins are often thought to be an integral part of growing older, but once you understand the causes of this cosmetic issue, you may be able to make a change. Keep in mind that if you want to... Read More »

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How do I remove a double chin in Photoshop?

Open a head shot or facial close-up picture by pulling down the "File" menu in Photoshop and clicking "Open." Navigate to the file, then double-click it so it opens in the workspace. Click the "Mag... Read More »

How to Rid Yourself of a Double Chin?

Heredity or weight gain can cause the appearance of a double chin. Indeed, some people can be heavy without having a double chin, while others can put on just a little weight and end up with a doub... Read More »

Is there a way to get rid of double chin?

You did not say what your weight is or if there's an abnormality you didn't mention.Double chins go away with a leaner body, as the extremities lose the weight first and the core (middle of the bod... Read More »

What Can I Do for a Double Chin?

A person may develop a double chin for a variety of reasons. If you are overweight, you probably have a double chin because of excess fat tissue that has built up underneath the chin. This is often... Read More »