How to Remove a Door Latch on a Thunderbird?

Answer The Thunderbird is one of the most popular cars ever produced by the Ford Motor Company. The car model has a reputation for durability with models still being operated that were manufactured in the... Read More »

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How to Remove the Door Latch From a Camry?

Removing the door latch from a Toyota Camry requries no mechanic. Screwdrivers and a ratchet set are the only tools needed. Each step in the process is simple and painless. To remove the door latch... Read More »

How to Remove a Tundra Door Latch?

The door latch on a Toyota Tundra is held in place with two bolts. Unfortunately, it's buried under the door panel, which you will have to remove. The door latch has no service life, which can make... Read More »

How to Remove the Door Latch Assembly on a Deville?

When replacing a door latch assembly on a DeVille, check first if the door is simply out of alignment or the door hinge bushings are worn out (the door will move up and down). This would cause the ... Read More »

How to Remove the Door Panel on a 94 Thunderbird?

When a new sound system is installed in a vehicle, such as a 1994 Thunderbird, the old factory door speakers may need to be replaced. Replacing the speakers that are mounted in the vehicle door wil... Read More »