How to Remove a Disc Player From an Audi TT?

Answer Adding a custom car stereo to your vehicle can be pretty easy to do, but every car has their own little quirky steps to get the deck out. In the case of an Audi TT, you need special VW/Audi DIN rad... Read More »

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My portable dvd player is saying invalid disc on evry disc i put in can i fix it or is it broke for ever?

try this trick, get a bit of coton and a bit of window cleaner or desinfectant and mist the coton with it and then clean the laser from the dvd, it is very easy and it always worked with mine that ... Read More »

Will a samsung blue ray disc player play karaoke disc?

Will putting a blue ray disc into a regular DVD player mess up the blu ray disc?

It will definately not play but I don't think it will get messed up.

My DVD player says "Disc Loading" but after a short time it changes to "No disc". What is the problem?

the disc is dirty, lyke it has a lot of scratches on the back of the CD