How to Remove a Dent From a Wood Table?

Answer A dent in a wooden table does not mean the piece of furniture is damaged beyond repair. If the dent is small, you may choose to ignore it or accept it and look at the table as having a rustic appea... Read More »

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How to Remove Crayon From a Wood Table?

Even the most vigilant mom or caregiver can't always stop a determined child with a crayon from marking on things she shouldn't. Whether the crayon slipped while she was coloring or she was trying ... Read More »

How to Remove a Red Wine Stain Ring from a Wood Table?

When red wine spills on a wood table, it should be dealt with right away as the stain can easily set in. But even an old red wine stain ring can be removed from your wood table by following the rem... Read More »

How do you remove white heat stains from varnished wood table top?

If it is shellac this may not work, but surprisingly, a method using more heat will most likely make the heat marks vanish. 1st method (most effective) : There are a couple ways to do it. Take a dr... Read More »

How to Remove Newspaper Stuck to a Wood Table?

Newspaper, when wet and left in place, can bind to a wood table, marring the table’s appearance and possibly bleeding ink into the wood if allowed to remain for long. Removing the newspaper is us... Read More »