How to Remove a Dead Orchid Leaf?

Answer When your beloved orchid develops a yellow leaf, fear not. This is a normal occurrence and does not mean the plant is sick or dying. Just like fingernails sometimes break and need cutting, orchid p... Read More »

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My Phalaenopsis Orchid Looks Dead But Has Healthy Green Leaves?

As long as the Phalaenopsis leaves are stiff and light green, the moth orchid is viable. As with other orchids, it is natural for Phalaenopsis flowers to die back and drop after blooming for severa... Read More »

How to Remove a Leaf From a Multi-Leaf Spring?

The leaf spring suspension has been around since before the Model T and has been used for more than 100 years because of its high load capacity as well as its ease of use. Pickups today can be seen... Read More »

Where do dead leaf butterflies live?

The dead leaf butterfly (Kallima inachus siamensis) are commonly found in the peninsular region of Thailand, but is also native to South Asia, New Guinea, India, Ceylon, Madagascar and Ashanti.Refe... Read More »

Should I remove an orchid flower spike?

I would leave it on till it shows signs that it's truley dead and starts dying off. I bought a phal a few months back. It had very pretty flowers that lasted for weeds. They eventually fell off and... Read More »