How to Remove a Dash from the 1998 Toyota Tercel?

Answer Constant sun exposure can cause the material on the dashboard of your 1998 Toyota Tercel to expand. This expansion creates holes and cracks in the dash that jeopardize the stability of the componen... Read More »

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How to Adjust the Serpentine Belt on a 1998 Toyota Tercel?

The serpentine belt is a single continuous belt that is smooth on one side and ribbed on the other. In most vehicles, it is powered by the crankshaft and moves such components as the air conditione... Read More »

How To Find the Firewall Plug in a 1998 Toyota Tercel?

The firewall in a 1998 Toyota Tercel is designed to protect the passengers from an engine fire. When you are building your own car stereo system for your Toyota Tercel, the firewall has small plugs... Read More »

How to Change Transmission Fluid on a Standard 1998 Toyota Tercel?

The manual 1998 Toyota Tercel needs to have the transmission fluid changed every 30,000 miles or every two years, whichever comes first. Changing the transmission fluid keeps the engine running smo... Read More »

How to Remove a Toyota Tercel Radiator?

The Toyota Tercel was manufactured from 1978 to 1999 in the United States, usually with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder motor. Some early models had a 1.3-liter engine, and a turbo was also offered for a... Read More »