How to Remove a Cylinder Head Bolt?

Answer The cylinder head is an important part of an engine. The cylinder head contains passages for coolant and oil that cool and lubricate the engine. Cylinder head bolts hold the head assembly onto the ... Read More »

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E34 Cylinder Head Bolt Torque Specifications?

Introduced in 1988 the E34 is a modification of the BMW 5-th series. The E34 was one of the most reliable and luxury cars on the North-American market. This model was powered by an 3.6L 6 cylinder ... Read More »

Cylinder Head Bolt Torque Specifications?

A crucial component of engine building is setting the torque on head bolts. Torque refers to how tight a bolt should be. When setting the torque, reliance on the specifications set by design engine... Read More »

Removing a Broken Manifold Bolt From a Cylinder Head?

The El Camino is a coupe utility vehicle formerly produced by Chevrolet. The El Camino features a fuel-injected engine system that relied on a coolant temperature sensor. The coolant temperature se... Read More »

How to Remove the Bolt Fuel Filter in a 98 Camry 4 Cylinder?

The fuel filter on a 1998 Toyota Camry is mounted on the firewall of the engine compartment, and is bolted there using a pair of hex-head bolts. This filter should be changed out and replaced with ... Read More »