How to Remove a Cured Henna Coating?

Answer Cured henna has been treated with sugar or lemon juice to add acidity and help expedite the staining process of human skin when a tattoo is applied. The henna, a derivative of a flowering plant, is... Read More »

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How to Remove Concrete Coating?

Concrete surfaces such as patios and porches are coated with a layer of concrete or masonry sealant to protect them once they are finished. This sealant can, over time, become damaged and begin to ... Read More »

How to Remove Deck Coating?

Deck coatings loose their protective abilities and general look every couple of years. Generally, you can expect to have to re-coat your deck in two years if you applied one coat. It is important f... Read More »

How to Remove Wheel Rim Coating?

There are a few types of coatings that can be found on wheels, two of the most common of which are a clear coat over the metal itself or over paint. Some wheels only have a layer of paint and no cl... Read More »

How do I remove Teflon coating from wire?

Strip the WirePurchase a wire stripper at any home improvement or hardware store. Place the Teflon-coated wire into the correct wire gauge marking on the wire strippers. Apply light pressure to the... Read More »