How to Remove a Credit Card From an Xbox Live Account?

Answer Many Xbox Live users have become increasingly frustrated at Microsoft's unclear instructions for editing or removing payment options and credit card details from the system. Gamers might choose to ... Read More »

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Can you use an Xbox Live card on more than one account?

No, the Xbox Live prepaid cards contain a single code that cannot be reused after its initial input. You will have to use a new card to register another account with Xbox Live.Source:Xbox Support: ... Read More »

Do you need a credit card for xbox live silver?

Using the basic Xbox Live Silver is free, and thus does not require a credit card. However, a gamer needs a credit card to purchase Xbox points to download games and other downloadable content or t... Read More »

Can I transfer money from a credit card to a checking account?

Money can be transferred online from a credit card to a checking account, but only if the credit card is linked to the bank account. Other options include cash advance checks, which are supplied by... Read More »

How do I receive a payment to a PayPal account from a credit card?

Request MoneyLog in to your PayPal account on the PayPal website and select "Request Money" from the tabs at the top or "Send Invoice" under the "Merchant Services" tab. Put in the email address of... Read More »