How to Remove a Comment Box From Facebook Pictures?

Answer The Facebook Photo Album is an excellent way to share snapshots and creative work with friends and followers. Mostly, the comments will be positive and motivating. But sometimes, a negative comment... Read More »

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Is there a way to ban my friends to comment in my statuses and pictures in facebook ?

yes you can change the visibility in the settings to private. or at every post u have this lil wheel thingy. there u can change the privacy settings for every post u make on facebook!!

Can you make a facebook comment visible only to the person tagged in the comment?

How do I remove pictures of of me on facebook if someone else put them on (read details for clarification)?

You can click "remove tag" on any tags that say your name, or that you tagged on your own pictures. This will remove them from "View pictures of ___" on your profile. This is only a short term solu... Read More »

How to Remove Unrequested Pictures from Unknown Parties from Facebook Photo Album?

Did you get tagged in a photo on Facebook you'd really rather not be in? Here's how to remove that tag.