How to Remove a Color With Gimp?

Answer You can use the free image editor GIMP to digitally remove a color from an image. You can insert a transparency channel to your active layer so that when you delete your chosen color, not even whit... Read More »

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How to Do the Color Splash With Gimp?

A color splash image is one that is mostly in back and white, with just one or two items in full color, making them stand out. To create this type of image, you can use some expensive piece of grap... Read More »

How to Color Your Eyes on GIMP?

GIMP is a free graphic design program that you can use to alter the colors of digital objects. The Paintbrush Tool, when used in Overlay Mode, is a great resource for naturally changing the hue of ... Read More »

How to Color a Sketch in GIMP?

Digital color tends to be more even and more vivid than standard paint. Furthermore, digital painting is easy to undo, allowing the artist latitude to experiment with different techniques. These ar... Read More »

How to Change Hair Color in GIMP?

You can change your hair colour from that > to thatChanging hair color is relatively simple using the GNU Image Manipulation Program. Just follow these simple instructions!