How to Remove a Clio Alternator?

Answer The Renault Clio, billed as a supermini sports car, is actually a hatchback. Some of the issues in the Clio's history include poor initial quality, which Renault claims to have overcome in its thir... Read More »

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How to Remove the Alternator From a 1995 Renault Clio?

Alternators provide a steady feed of power to a vehicle's battery, created from the cycling of the vehicle's motor. After time and extended use, alternators can wear out, ceasing to create power, a... Read More »

How to Remove a Hub Cap From a Renault Clio?

The hub caps on a Renault Clio hide the lug nuts from view as well as make the outside of the car more aesthetically appealing. Because they cover the lug nuts though, you need to remove the hub ca... Read More »

How to Remove the Air Filter on a Renault Clio?

The Renault Clio uses an engine air filter to prevent debris and dust from entering the engine air intake. Even a small amount of dust making its way into the engine can decrease performance, while... Read More »

How Can I Bypass My Clio MK2 Immobilizer?

Distributed in Europe, the Renault Clio is a compact supermini that comes in three-door and five-door models. The manufacturer makes the Clio with an immobilizer system that requires a Renault infr... Read More »