How to Remove a Broken Lug Nut Stud?

Answer Lug nut studs hold a tire onto the hub surface. A broken lug nut stud is dangerous because it's not holding the tire anymore and will cause the tire to wobble and possibly come off during a turn. A... Read More »

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How to Remove a Broken Stud Using Welding?

You can use welding to remove a broken stud without damaging the threads of the hole in which it is screwed. Both TIG and MIG welding will work for this task. Heat the welding metal to the temperat... Read More »

How to Remove a Jeep 6.0 Broken Exhaust Stud?

Like most exhaust stud bolts, the stud bolts used to secure the exhaust headers on a Jeep Cherokee 6.0 engine rust. It is common to break off a stud when attempting to remove the nuts that secure t... Read More »

How do I Remove a Broken Stud from an Exhaust Manifold?

If you suddenly find yourself with a piece of one of the studs you are trying to remove from an exhaust manifold, you have at least three options to try to remedy the situation.

Broken Stud Remover?

A broken stud can frustrate even the most experienced mechanic if he does not have the correct tools to remove it. Unskilled extraction of a broken stud can seriously damage a cylinder head or an e... Read More »