How to Remove a Breast Implant?

Answer Almost every woman that has had breast augmentation will have a breast implant removal at some point, according to Dr. David Sayah of Beverly Hills. They may want smaller or larger implants or brea... Read More »

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When it becomes necessary to remove breast when a woman is having breast cancer...?

My mother had a tumor in breast that was painful. Upon visiting gynocologist she prescribed byopsy to see weather it was malignant Or not. She went through a minor surgery and the tumor was extract... Read More »

How to Remove Surgery Scars on the Breast?

If you've had any type of breast surgery, it may have left some unsightly scars behind. Scars are a natural part of the healing process, but they can also be an ugly reminder of the surgery you've ... Read More »

Is there a safe hip implant?

There may be problems with total hip implants in the past. And I can't say that there won't be any problems now however. surgeons these days are more aware of the problems that this surgery might c... Read More »

How to choose the best hip implant for me?

In choosing the best implant for your case, you must have a discussion with your doctor. He will recommend the type which may be suitable for your case. Since it will be your life involved, do not ... Read More »