How to Remove a Bosch Top Washing Machine?

Answer Bosch manufactures many types of consumer products, from power tools to washing machines. When repairing a Bosch washing machine, often you must disassemble the appliance to access components. Bosc... Read More »

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How can you hook up a regular washing machine to the sink like a portable washing machine Is it possible to do this with the hoses or is there a conversion kit?

I approached the problem of first attaching one end of a garden hose to an outside garden tap connection, and connecting another tap to the other end with a compattable thread for the washing machi... Read More »

Does any one know what year a easy washing machine company wringer washing machine model 102-wp came out in?

What kind? Friable Asbestos? Yes. Non-friable Asbestos? Not so much, but still not great. Vermiculite? It may or may not contain asbestos. Fiberglass? Mice love it, and it can make dust, and it... Read More »

How to Remove Rust From a Washing Machine?

While having a washing machine in your home is convenient, it also adds to the housecleaning chores. Washing machines are made of metal and, after awhile, the protective coating on the machine star... Read More »

How do I remove washing-machine rust?

Clean the Rusty WasherSet the washing machine on the hottest setting and the highest water level. Fill the washer with water, pour in 2 cups of lemon juice, and run a complete wash cycle. Wipe down... Read More »