How to Remove a Black Streak From a White Trailer?

Answer For many families, a recreational vehicle, or RV, is a second home during the summertime. When the trailer is not being used, it can become covered with black streaks. These streaks occur when dust... Read More »

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How to Remove the Black Streaks From a Car Trailer With a Streak Remover?

A streak remover is a commercial cleaner that quickly removes black streaks, due to water and pollutants combining, and other debris from car trailers, aluminum siding and other metal surfaces. The... Read More »

How to Remove an Orange Streak in White Hair?

There are two ways that a person with white hair can gather an orange streak through the hair. One way is by improperly dying the hair without first bleaching it. The other way that orange streaks ... Read More »

How do I Remove Black Stains From White That Bleach Won't Remove?

Chlorine bleach is often the top choice for removing stains on white fabric since the bleach won't discolor the stained garment. Many people think that bleach will remove all stains, but that isn't... Read More »

You got a Nikon Coolpix L18 you never dropped it or anything but one day the screen was white with a big black streak it works but you cant see anythinghow do you fix it?

You take out the battery, then put it back in....the lens will still be out but press the power button ( this turn on the camera again) then you press it again to turn it off