How to Remove a Bicycle Gear Cluster?

Answer The gear cluster found on bicycles is also known as a cassette or sprockets. These are available in a variety of ratios, allowing you to pedal up hills or sprint on the flats. To change gear cluste... Read More »

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How to Convert a Bicycle to a Fixed Gear?

Converting a multi-speed bicycle to a fixed-gear bike requires some bicycle maintenance knowledge and skills. With the proper tools, components and applicable skills; however, the conversion become... Read More »

Calculating the Gear Ratio on a Bicycle?

Most bicycles built for speedy street rides or hilly mountain biking contain many different gears. A 21-speed bicycle will have three front gears and seven back gears. The 21 combinations make the ... Read More »

How to Skid Stop on a Fixed Gear Bicycle?

The popularity of fixed gear bicycles has spread from big cities such as New York and Los Angeles to smaller places like Boise, Idaho. Fixed gears have only one gear with no freewheel, meaning that... Read More »

How to Adjust Front Gear Cables on a Bicycle?

Geared bicycles generally contain a set of gears at both the rear and front of the bicycle. Both sets rely on a mechanism called a derailleur to shift the chain between the individual gears. The de... Read More »