How to Remove a Battery from a 2001 Ford Windstar?

Answer Car batteries have a limited lifespan and will occasionally need replacement. Unlike some car repairs that require a trained mechanic to repair or replace parts, the car battery is a part you can r... Read More »

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How to Remove the Plenum on a 2001 Ford Windstar?

The air intake plenum is one of the components of a vehicle's intake manifold system. It works with the air that is supplied with the fuel that combines in the combustion process to power the engin... Read More »

How to Remove a Radiator From a 2001 Windstar?

The radiator on a 2001 Ford Windstar cools the engine fluid that cools the engine block. If the radiator gets damaged or corrodes from the inside out, it can develop a leak. This will lead to a los... Read More »

How to Remove a Ball Joint From a 2001 Windstar?

The 2001 Ford Windstar has a lower ball joint that is directly integrated into the lower control arm assembly. In order to replace the ball joint, you must replace the entire control arm assembly.... Read More »

How to Remove Drums From a Ford Windstar?

The Ford Windstar van uses drum brakes on the rear of some models that must be removed in order to access the brake shoes should service or replacement be necessary. The drums do not wear much unde... Read More »