How to Remove a BMW Power Steering Hose?

Answer BMWs are German automobiles renowned for their performance and high-quality engineering. But like any vehicle, BMWs need to be properly maintained in order for them to run reliably. One area that c... Read More »

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How to Remove a Power Steering Hose?

The power steering system in your car makes it easier to turn the wheels by using hydraulic pressure. When you turn the steering wheel in your car, power steering fluid, under pressure, forces the ... Read More »

How to Remove the Power Steering Hose on a 2003 PT Cruiser?

Your 2003 PT Cruiser features a power steering pump that works with high-pressure hydraulic fluid to make steering the vehicle more comfortable. The pump has two hoses, a pressure hose and a return... Read More »

How to Remove the Power Steering Pressure Hose on a Sonata?

A power steering pump on a Hyundai Sonata takes the rotational energy from the engine and turns it into hydraulic power to push and pull the steering rack. Because it's a hydraulic system, there is... Read More »

How to Change a Power Steering Hose?

Waking up to a puddle of fluid on the driveway is no way to start the day. While most leaks can be attributed to engine or transmission fluids, one culprit may leave you struggling to turn the whee... Read More »