How to Remove a 302 Oil Pump?

Answer The 302 engine was used by Ford motor company in a wide variety of different vehicles and models. It was in production beginning in the 1960s and was used until the 2000s. If your vehicle has one o... Read More »

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Can You Remove an ABS Pump?

An ABS pump is part of a car's ABS, or ant-lock braking system. This system is typically connected to a computer module that uses the system when it appears the car is have a difficult time braking... Read More »

How to Remove a 1977 360 Oil Pump?

Chrysler's 360 cubic-inch engine was the company's premier small-block engine in the 1970s. Within the lower half of the 360 is a mechanical oil pump. The pump consists primarily of a drive shaft a... Read More »

How to Remove a 5.7 Diesel Pump?

Oldsmobile manufactured an eight-cylinder engine with a displacement of 5.7 liters from 1978 to 1985. This engine has multi-port fuel injection, which requires an injection pump. This same 5.7-lite... Read More »

How to Remove a GMC Smog Pump?

In every state, specific rules govern vehicle emissions. In California, these rules are stricter than most, and as a result, many manufacturers make "California Specific" models of their vehicles, ... Read More »