How to Remove a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Radiator?

Answer The 2000 Jeep Cherokee radiator hoses use special, constant-tension clamps that require a special tool to remove. The tool is available at any Jeep dealer. The clamps have a number stamped into the... Read More »

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How to Remove the Radiator on a Jeep Cherokee Sport 2000?

The 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport’s cooling system consists primarily of a thermostat, a water pump and a radiator. The water pump circulates the radiator’s coolant through the engine. The thermosta... Read More »

How to Replace a Radiator in a 2000 Jeep Cherokee?

When the radiator in your Jeep Cherokee needs to be replaced, it can seem like a huge undertaking. The myriad of hoses and emissions equipment on the vehicle can cover up what is, in reality, just ... Read More »

How to Remove the Radiator in a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The radiator in your 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee controls the engine temperature and prevents the motor from overheating, which can cause severe damage. You should always perform a radiator flush when... Read More »

How Do I Remove a Battery From a 2000 Jeep Cherokee?

The battery in a 2000 Jeep Cherokee is located inside the engine compartment, between the cooling fan and the coolant reservoir. It is a top-post style battery, containing one negative terminal and... Read More »