How to Remove a 1995 Mustang's Headrest?

Answer The headrests in a Ford Mustang are designed to protect your head and neck if you are in an accident. They are also essential in preventing injuries to your neck and spine. There may be situations ... Read More »

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How Do Superchargers Work for 1995 5.0 Mustangs?

The venerable 5.0L's (302's) last year in the Mustang GT was 1995. 5.0Ls as a whole are fantastic engines that take well to supercharging, but the 1995 model isn't quite as amenable to forced induc... Read More »

How to Replace an Axle Shaft for 1995 Mustangs, Rangers and Explorers?

The 1995 Ford rear-wheel drive vehicles like the Mustang, Ranger and Explorer all came with an 8.8-inch rear differential in both open and limited slip configuration. One of the common problems wit... Read More »

How to Remove the Battery Cable on Mustangs?

The battery cables on the Ford Mustang may have to be changed occasionally due to corrosion from acid contact and other forms of wear and tear. The cables can become cracked and frayed until they ... Read More »

How to Remove Power Window Motors in '94 Mustangs?

Removing a power window motor from a 1994 Ford Mustang is the first task in the motor replacement procedure. If your power window won't move when you push the power window switch, and you're sure t... Read More »