How to Remove Your First Character in ColdFusion?

Answer The CodlFusion programming language contains many options for working with variables that are strings of text. You can count the number of instances of a certain character in them, remove leading a... Read More »

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What is ColdFusion and how does it work?

ColdFusion is a rapid application platform designed for building Internet applications. It uses the ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML).The ColdFusion Markup LanguageThe CFML is a tag-based programmi... Read More »

Coldfusion variable and functions help?

Matt, Welcome to the world of ColdFusion. Its a fantastic language.Here are the ways to call a function -OrIn case 1, you are just calling the function.In case 2, you are calling a function and ass... Read More »

How to Delete a ColdFusion 9 CFDirectory?

The "cfdirectory" tag is used in Adobe ColdFusion 9 to manage a Web page's interaction with the physical directory structure of the Web server. You can return a record set of the files in a specifi... Read More »

How to Insert Time in ColdFusion?

Time-stamping records in a database as they are being inserted is a common practice in dynamic Web development. You may find it useful when examining the traffic patterns of your website or quantif... Read More »