How to Remove Yellow Highway Striping Paint?

Answer If you make the mistake of driving over fresh yellow highway paint it is easy to end up with yellow specks and splatters on your vehicle. Unfortunately, you may not notice the damage until well aft... Read More »

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How to Remove Highway Paint Splatter Off a Car Safely?

Getting highway paint splattered on your car is awful. Not only does it mar the car's paint job, but it's hard to remove without damaging that paint. Fortunately, detailing products on the market c... Read More »

How to Remove Highway Paint From an Automobile Finish?

The aftermath of an automobile accident often leaves behind various blemishes and surface damage on a vehicle. More severe accidents, such as those that have occurred on the highway, can result in ... Read More »

How to Remove Yellow Road Paint?

Cars are bound to become scratched, dinged, bent and stained --- especially during construction season, when work crews are paving and painting roads. These conditions are not friendly to our vehic... Read More »

How to Remove Yellow Paint Specks From a Car?

If you have gotten a few paint specks on your car, here's a little secret used by professionals: A simple tool called a clay bar can gently remove surface contaminants, including dirt, sap and any ... Read More »