How to Remove Wrinkles in a Silk Curtain?

Answer As with any other type of draperies, silk curtains can become wrinkled on occasion. You can't simply pull out the iron and ironing board as you could with many other types of fabrics, as the silk i... Read More »

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How to Remove Wrinkles From Silk?

Silk is very delicate and can also wrinkle easily. Since you can't throw silk garments into the dryer or iron them on high heat, getting the wrinkles out of your silk clothes can be a challenge. Ho... Read More »

How do I remove wrinkles from silk?

Iron the SilkPour distilled water into a steam iron. Turn the iron to a low or medium setting with the steam turned on. Place the silk with the wrong side up, or inside-out, on an ironing board wit... Read More »

How to Remove Wrinkles From a Silk Dress?

Few things make a woman feel sexier than a really great silk dress. Unfortunately, silk dresses have a habit of getting wrinkles easily. Even if all the proper precautions are taken, it is almost i... Read More »

How to Remove Wrinkles from Silk Material?

Silk fabric is tricky to iron. It needs to be damp when ironed to get the wrinkles out, but water spots will stain the fabric. Steam irons that sizzle, drip or spit will end up staining the silk. W... Read More »