How to Remove Wires From Plastic Connectors?

Answer Many times when you work on an automobile or electronic product you come across plastic wire connectors. Unfortunately, there are thousands of different connectors, from butt connectors to press-on... Read More »

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How to Remove Honda Electrical Connectors?

A Honda vehicle, whether a car, SUV or truck, has several electrical connectors. The connectors connect the wiring for each component to the vehicle's main wiring harness. Depending on the componen... Read More »

How to Remove & Change Car Battery Connectors?

Car battery connectors can eventually corrode and rust to the point of crumbling. Corroded battery clamps give a bad connection to the battery post, which can prevent the car from starting even if ... Read More »

How to Remove Studs From Side Battery Connectors?

Traditional battery terminals have a post that you clamp onto. Side-post battery terminals have a threaded insert, which you can either install a bolt or a stud into. If you install a stud, you can... Read More »

How to Remove the Coil Electronic Connectors on an Altima?

Modern gasoline powered internal combustion engines operate by using a spark plug to detonate a fuel/air mixture in the cylinders. However, the 12 volt system that most vehicles use doesn't provide... Read More »