How to Remove Windows 2000 From a Dual Boot Setup With Windows XP?

Answer Before upgrading to a completely new operating system, some users prefer to "test drive" the operating system using a dual-boot operating system configuration. Setting a computer up to as a dual-bo... Read More »

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How do I remove Windows 2000 from a dual boot system?

Start your computer and select the other Windows operating system that is installed alongside Windows 2000. On the desktop, right-click “My Computer” and select “Properties.” If the operati... Read More »

How to Dual Boot Windows 2000 and Fedora?

This article tells you an easy way to dual boot windows 2000 and Fedora Core 3, with two hard drives...using the primary channel on the motherboard

How to Remove a Windows Vista Dual Boot?

Installing multiple operating systems on a single computer -- which is called "dual booting" -- saves the cost of purchasing separate computer hardware for both operating systems, saves space and e... Read More »

How to Remove Ubuntu From a Dual Boot in Windows 7?

Windows 7 maintains a list of installed operating systems and presents them to you when you first power on your system. If you wish to remove an operating system, such as Ubuntu Linux, from this li... Read More »