How to Remove Window Tint From the Back Glass of a Mustang?

Answer The window tint on the back glass of your Mustang is inside the glass and glues on using a lower tack adhesive. The tint keeps the sun's UV rays from heating up the inside of your automobile and th... Read More »

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How to Tint Front Window Car Glass?

Purchasing tinted windows can add a large expense when buying your new car. Having the windows replaced with newly tinted windows down the line is even more expensive. Instead of paying thousands t... Read More »

How to Install Window Tint on Stationary Glass?

Tinting your vehicle windows reduces ultraviolet rays and protects the interior of your car as you gain an element of privacy. Window tint also reduces the inside fogging on the side and rear windo... Read More »

How to Tint a Car Back Window?

There is no doubt that a car with tinted windows offers a sense of privacy to its occupants but it will also prevent some sunlight from entering the car creating a cooler environment. If you don't... Read More »

How to Install Back Window Tint?

You can hire a professional to tint your car windows or you can talk a friend into helping you to do it. It take patience to tint windows in a vehicle, especially the back window. You must be able ... Read More »