How to Remove Wheels From a Samsonite Suitcase?

Answer If you have traveled a bit, you know how luggage can take a beating from the handling it receives. Samsonsite makes a strong brand of luggage, one well known to the travel industry. But over time, ... Read More »

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Can you take the old fashioned samsonite suitcase on an airplane?

There are no restrictions on the brand or style of luggage allowed on airplanes; rather, it's the overall size and weight of luggage which is regulated. An old-fashioned Samsonite suitcase can be u... Read More »

How to Reset Samsonite Luggage Combination Locks?

The security of locking luggage cuts down on worries as it is passed to taxi and bus drivers, left sitting by bellhop in hotels, and left in your room while you are out seeing the sights. Of course... Read More »

How to open samsonite luggage lock combination?

First try 000, 111, 222, etc. Next, try month-day combos. Some people use a birthday to help remember a combo. Maybe someone used their birthday, 209, for example. February 9th, my birthday. Also, ... Read More »

How to Remove Nissan Wheels?

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