How to Remove Weight Tape From a Wheel?

Answer Lead-free wheel weights are made of a flexible material that can be attached to the wheel using an automotive or wheel weight tape. The weights are used as a balancing system for the tires. If you ... Read More »

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How to Remove a Stuck Tape From an Auto Tape Deck?

Cassette tape decks are largely automotive relics nowadays, long replaced by CD players, which themselves are starting to get supplanted by MP3 and satellite radio players. Still, there are a consi... Read More »

How do you remove the sticky stuff from duct tape backing from stained wood?

Answer You would want to use something that dissolves the glue remnants without removing the stain. Try soaking the area with tung oil, Olde English oil or similar product. Let sit a few minutes an... Read More »

How to Remove 3M Tape From a Car?

Removing 3M tape from an automobile is a two step process. The first step involves removing the tape. Unfortunately, no matter what you do, there's always the possibility some of the paint can come... Read More »

How Can I Remove Duct Tape From My Car?

Sometimes, you may need to place duct tape on your car. A window shattered during a storm and you must tape cardboard over the hole. Perhaps your taillight is hanging by a wire and you need to tape... Read More »