How to Remove Water Stains From Car Paint?

Answer A freshly cleaned car looks beautiful, is eye-catching and makes the owner feel proud. If the car has been cleaned on a hot day or hasn't been properly dried, water stains may appear on the paint. ... Read More »

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How Can I Remove Water Stains From My Car Paint?

For car lovers, a bright, shiny finish on their machine is a must-have. And, few things frustrate that ambition more than a clean car with "water stains." Many things can cause this, though the roo... Read More »

How to Remove Hard Water Stains on Auto Paint?

Hard water stains are a common problem when it comes to the exterior of your car. These spots develop when your car comes into contact with water that has a high mineral content, such as heavy rain... Read More »

How to Remove Salt Stains & Water Stains from Ugg Boots with Genesis 950?

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How to Remove Sap Stains From Car Paint?

Most of us have experienced the misfortune of parking our car under a tree that drips sap. The next morning, your paint job has hardened spots on it that you can't wash off. Sap is often harder to ... Read More »