How to Remove Warning Stickers From Visors?

Answer Warning stickers adhered to the sun visor of a vehicle provide the consumer with important safety information. However, after viewing the stickers repeatedly, you may feel like they are an eyesore ... Read More »

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How to Remove Scratches From Helmet Visors?

Scuffs and scratches on the surface of a helmet visor reduce visibility. Reduced visibility inhibits your ability to see objects or people around you as you operate a motorcycle. Using the wrong me... Read More »

How to Remove Excess Tape From Window Visors?

Window visors on cars redirect airflow to reduce wind noise and prevent powerful gusts from entering an open window while driving. Tape left on a window visor can leave a car looking sloppy and unf... Read More »

How do I remove stickers from a car?

Use a Hair DryerSet a hair dryer to the hottest heat setting. Turn the dryer on, and aim the nozzle at the sticker you want to remove. Hold the hot air on the sticker for 45 seconds. Try to peel a ... Read More »

How to Remove Stickers From Shoes?

After a long day of shopping, it's annoying to discover that the price or size sticker on your brand-new shoes will not come off without leaving sticky residue. Perhaps you forgot about the sticker... Read More »