How to Remove Wall Paint From Clothes?

Answer Even the most careful painter can end up with wall paint on their clothes. If this happens, whether it is oil-based or latex paint, you can save your garment with a little bit of time and effort. T... Read More »

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How do I remove oil paint from clothes?

Blot Wet Paint StainsBlot wet oil paint from the clothes with white paper towels. Blot from the outside edge of the paint stain towards the center to avoid spreading the paint.Use Mineral SpiritsDi... Read More »

How do I remove paint from clothes?

Clean the Clothing OutdoorsTake the clothing outdoors, and work over a board or clean concrete surface if possible. Lay the clothing flat on the board or clean concrete surface.Use TurpentineSatura... Read More »

How do I remove dried paint from clothes?

Water-Based PaintWash the paint-covered clothing immediately if the paint is water-based. The quicker the clothing with water-based paint is washed, the more easily the paint will come out. Rub pai... Read More »

How to Remove Latex Paint from Clothes?

When you paint your walls, a canvas, or your house, you hope that the paint lasts forever. But that spot of paint that got on your favorite shirt? You want that out right now. Here's a easy four st... Read More »