How to Remove Voices in Sound Forge?

Answer Sound Forge audio editing software by Sony provides the tools needed to manipulate audio files on your computer. Sound Forge has pre-set options that allow users to remove the vocals in a song's mu... Read More »

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How to Do Mastering in Sound Forge 7?

Sound Forge 7 is a digital editing and mixing software program made by Sony. It enables you to record, edit, mix and master your music on your computer. Mastering is a post-production practice in w... Read More »

Why do peoples' voices sound different when they're talking on the phone?

One major reason for voices sounding different is that the frequency response of the telephone system is limited. The range of the human ear can extend right up 20kHz or more, especially in young... Read More »

How do you make the recorded sound in the Fun Voices application as ringtone on iPhone?

mms (In the text message app) or plug it into your computer - in the folder on the apple iphone camera

Why do voices sound faint and echo when use earbuds accidentally washed them is there a fix?